The ONEWAY Pledge

It may be the easiest thing you will ever do.

Guilt is a poor motivator.  Feeling great, on the other hand, is a great incentive.  We have a simple and easy pledge we ask of you that we are sure will increase happiness in your life.  No guild inluded.  Ready for it? Here it is:

Dedicate one week of something, anything to helping others each year.  Like what, you aks?  Here are some ideas for a possible pledge:*

  • One week of your grocery bill, your paycheck, your bar tab, etc.
  • For businesses–one week of your advertising budget, one week of profit, one week of volunteer service distributed throughout everyone at the office.
  • Do you have a specialty? Lawyers, why not donate one week to pro-bono work? Or at least one week’s worth of earnings?
  • Get creative!  One week of canned goods, one week’s worth of clothing, one week of prayers, one week of reading to the blind or infirmed.
  • Our greatest hope is that many will make the simple pledge of their time.  Taking a few days here and there to help others will have a profound impact on your life and those you serve.
  • Here’s the trick: Whatever you choose to pledge, make no value judgement.  No pledge is more or less than another.  Whether it is 50 hours or 50 cents, the idea is that we make a conscious change to include goodwill as an active part of our lives.

We will even make it easy for you.  Each year we will have service trips to help those in need and you are always welcome to join in one the adventure.  In addition, we will do our best to keep you up to date of other opportunities to lend a hand or a heart where needed.

If you’re mulling over a few reasons why not to take the pledge please consider a little challenge we make with potential ONEWAY’ers.  Think of it as a friendly wager.  Our contention is that however you decide to participate, you will never regret the decision.  You will find that your budget is not affected by the money or products you gave and you will not wish to have back any time you donated.  We’ll even take it one step further.  We bet our service trips will be more meaningful, memorable and, yes, more fun than your standard vacations.  Overall, completing the pledge in any small way will make you feel happier and more relaxed.  How’s that for motivation?

*Please remember that as ONEWAY is currently structured, 100% of donated monies and resource are designated for charitable causes.  ONEWAY is completely self-funded and the staff (me) is not paid a salary.  No money we receive will be used for our internal business costs.  In addition, 501(c)3 status is currently pending and soon all donations to ONEWAY will be tax-exempt.

Make the ONEWAY pledge by doing something, anything in service to others in the next twelve months.

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